Ten kinds of people that we advocate and oppose: promote cooperative and progressive people; oppose shiftless people. Promote self-discipline and incorruptible people; oppose self-serving people. Promote concept regenerated people; oppose administrative people. Promote pragmatic people; oppose fraud and misconduct people. Promote quality people; oppose conceited people. Promote innovative people; oppose conceited people.

precision management philosophy

In order to improve cultural literacy and spiritual pursuit, we try to create a good material culture, guide employees to correctly understand the relationship between pay and rewards, comprehensively improve the living quality of employees, create an exquisite thinking model for employees, and train employees’ ultimate philosophy of "think, change, act, and upward;

To strengthen the system implementation, process specification, and communities in learning the elaborating management methodology, in-depth analyse defects in the management, apply scientific management methods, take fine, accurate, and strict to every link, improve employees’ executive culture of "fast, efficient, strict and accurate";

Take promote fine management and sublimate corporate culture as goal, we promote refined management, innovates people's thinking mode, sharpens employees' minds through rationality and moral edification, constantly expands the corporate culture connotation, enrich the company's internal heritage, and promote the employees' enterprise spirit of "diligent, thinking, self-improvement, and improve".