Why is the computer embroidery machine often disconnected?

Update:10 Nov 2018

First, the reason for adjusting the line, the adjustmen […]

First, the reason for adjusting the line, the adjustment of the line is not easy to cause the disconnection, such as the knot of the line, the line is not smooth, the line has cracks.

Second, the reason for the version, the computer embroidery plate version with a short needle step is too easy to cause a broken line. For example, where the plates are crossed or overlapped, there are too thick stitches that are prone to breakage.

Third, the quality of the embroidery thread, the quality of the embroidery thread, the number of knots inside, the unevenness of the elastic is easy to break.
Fourth, the reasons for the shuttle bed, mainly divided into three categories, 1. The shuttle bed has burrs (wear), easy to break the line, polished with 1200 fine sandpaper can be smooth, the shuttle bed can only be replaced with new ones. 2. The distance between the shuttle machine and the needle of the embroidery machine, if it is too large or too small, will lead to disconnection, broken needle, and needle leakage, which will indirectly lead to disconnection. The normal clearance is generally about 0.3mm. 3. The time taken by the shuttle bed, the take-up time is 201° (+ -1°), and it is easy to break if there is too much deviation.

Fifth, the embroidery needle and the line match the reason, the computer embroidery machine according to the function is different, generally the fine needle with the thin line, the thick needle with the thick line, for example, the 120D line generally uses the 11th needle, the 75D line generally uses the 7th needle.
Six reasons for the needle hole of the machine, see if the needle hole of the embroidery machine has burrs and is not smooth. If it is not sanded for a long time, it is easy to break the wire.