What parts does the computer embroidery machine consist of?

Update:16 Nov 2018

The computer embroidery machine is mainly composed of t […]

The computer embroidery machine is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical system, transmission system and electronic control system.
The mechanical system is mainly composed of the frame parts, the box parts, the squeezing mechanism, the thread take-up mechanism, the color change mechanism, the clamping mechanism, the embroidery frame parts, the pull-box box unit, etc. The main motor of the transmission system is divided into servo motor and intersection. Frequency motor, most of the current domestic embroidery machine servo is Dahao servo system. In order to ensure the precision of embroidery, the main motor has an electromagnetic brake device. The main motor drives the lower shaft through the synchronous toothed belt, and the lower shaft drives the upper shaft through the sprocket, and the upper shaft drives the clamping mechanism and the thread take-up mechanism to move. The lower shaft is further moved by the bevel gear transmission hook and the thread cutting mechanism, thereby completing the locking sleeve of the embroidery bottom thread and the upper thread, and forming an embroidery stitch on the fabric.
The electronic control system consists of a power box, a control box, an operating keyboard box, a peripheral control board, and an execution unit. The control system of the computer embroidery machine can automatically embed the pattern repeatedly in the next position according to the given instruction after the embroidery is finished. When the embroidery exceeds the embroidery range, the machine will Automatic stop to protect the shed over the course; when the machine fails, the operation panel will display the wrong head type and inform the fault. In addition, in the process of embroidering, automatic thread trimming, automatic digging embroidery, automatic detection of disconnection, power failure protection, command jump, automatic error stop, stitch compensation, cycle embroidery, pattern output, etc. can be realized.