Some precautions for computer embroidery machine maintenance

Update:24 Aug 2018

1. The embroidery machine should be regularly maintaine […]

1. The embroidery machine should be regularly maintained;
2. The pairing mechanism of the embroidery machine should be cleaned frequently to prevent the debris from affecting the work of the wire feeding mechanism and the detection of wire breakage;
3. The contact between the threading plate of the embroidery machine and the thread take-up spring should be in good contact to ensure that the wire breakage detection is normal;
4. The exposed gears should be cleaned once every half a month to remove debris and dust, and greased to ensure smooth operation;5. The main control box and driver of the embroidery machine are cleaned once a week, and the dust on the machine is cleaned with a brush to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation. Do not scrub with water or solvent to prevent circuit failure;
6. Check the moving parts and the main machine of the embroidery machine at any time and carry out necessary cleaning;
7. The fasteners on each part of the embroidery machine should be inspected regularly to eliminate the looseness caused by long-term work.