Product scale of computer embroidery machine

Update:30 Apr 2019

The computerized embroidery machine is the most advance […]

The computerized embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine in the modern era. It can realize the high speed and high efficiency of traditional hand embroidery, and it can achieve the "multi-level, multi-function, uniformity and perfection" that can not be achieved by hand embroidery. The requirement is an electromechanical product that reflects a variety of high-tech technologies.
China's domestic computerized embroidery machines are mainly high-end models. Compared with the above-mentioned international brands, there is still a certain gap, mainly in process technology and materials. Domestically produced machines cannot be compared with these high-end brands. Differences in service life, wire breakage rate, and sewing precision. However, due to the relatively low price of domestic computer embroidery machines, the development speed in recent years is very fast, occupying most of the market share, mainly exported to India, Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt and other developing countries, of which India is the main The export direction accounts for more than 80% of the total exports.