Introduction to the needle method of computer embroidery machine

Update:23 Mar 2019

1. After the embroidery needle is worn out at 1 o'clock […]

1. After the embroidery needle is worn out at 1 o'clock, use a needle tip to put a bead from the dish.

2. Puncture the needles that have been put on the beads from 2 (diagonal) and then out from 3 o'clock. This will embroider a bead. (Note: The step from 2 to 3 is to directly thread the needle, completely on the front side of the embroidered cloth. Do not split into two steps, first insert the needle into 2 and then put the needle from the back from the 3. This compares Expensive.)

3. At this time, the position of the needle is exactly the starting point of the second bead. According to the above method, the second bead is used.

4. After embroidering a row, take the needle from the back to the second row and take it out. In order to ensure that the inclination direction of each row of beads is the same, the second row of embroidery is reversed, because one row is embroidered from left to right, and the next row is embroidered from right to left. That is to say, if the needles of 1, 3, and 5 rows are embroidered from top to bottom, then the 2, 4, and 6 rows will be embroidered from bottom to top.