Daily maintenance method of computer embroidery machine

Update:29 Dec 2018

1) Hook mechanism hook, bobbin case, bobbin core cleani […]

1) Hook mechanism hook, bobbin case, bobbin core cleaning with brush, remove debris, thread, do not use sharp tool to remove
(2) The thread take-up mechanism takes the pole, the line, and the felt to remove debris and thread
(3) Four pairs of guide rails (615 type) on the front and rear of the Y-axis feed mechanism
(4) X-axis feed mechanism guide rails on the same line
(5) The clamping mechanism, the rotating wheel, the thread take-up, the spring, and the line are often cleaned of debris.
(6) Cleaning the surface of the work surface
(7) The surface of the computer and the exhaust fan often wipe and open the back cover
(8) The power box, drive box surface and ventilation are often the same as above