Computer embroidery machine repair method

Update:27 Oct 2018

1. The computer embroidery machine is in disorder, and […]

1. The computer embroidery machine is in disorder, and the whole machine lights up when the locomotive is in the car with 1 or 2 needles. Solution: Check if the heads of the machine are short-circuited. Replace the head plate Check if the photosensitive plate is short-circuited.
2. the computer embroidery machine does not cut the line, the individual head dead point is disordered, the disconnection rate is high. Solution: Adjust the top and bottom dead points of the head that is dead.
3. the computer embroidery machine dropped, cut the situation of the bottom line. Solution: Replace the motherboard.
4. computer embroidery machine thread cutter is stuck, walking position, there is abnormal sound. Solution: Replace the trimming turbine, contact Dahao electronic control, check the reason for the position, check the trimming chain, see if the pressure roller is stuck, and the bearing is broken.
5. when the car is dropped, the machine is all red. Solution: Check the motherboard for problems. Drop the line, check the potentiometer, and consider replacing it if necessary.