Computer embroidery machine operation precautions

Update:19 Jan 2019

1. When all the pins are in the high position, you cann […]

1. When all the pins are in the high position, you cannot turn the dial by hand.
2. When the pin is at a high position, it cannot be jogged, otherwise it will be easy to get stuck.
3. Prepare the trolley before driving, wear the bottom line, select the pattern to be embroidered, and choose the working method that matches the pattern (such as tape, serration, winding, flat embroidery) and appropriate embroidery parameters.
4. Before driving the trolley, check that all the pins are all lowered (check if the robot is in the working position when embroidering the jagged embroidery). If not, first manually put all the pins down (install the robot to the working position), then pull the lever to drive, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine or leakage.
5. When embroidering gold pieces, the switch of the gold piece device should be placed in the upper position, otherwise the gold piece device will not automatically move up and down.
6, the pressure of the gold piece device should be appropriate, too small to automatically lift, too large to easily break the gold piece device. Do not arbitrarily move after the air pressure is adjusted.
7. When making a three-in-one pattern, the gold piece device should be at least 7mm away from the embroidery frame to avoid damaging the gold frame.