Computer embroidery machine operation and maintenance

Update:23 Feb 2019

1. When all the computer embroidery machine pins are in […]

1. When all the computer embroidery machine pins are in the high position, you cannot turn the embroidery dial by hand.
2. each time you make a new three-in-one combination pattern, after setting the embroidery point, you should first check the border to avoid the frame being knocked when the left and right heads are switched, and the gold piece device or the machine head is damaged.
3. When embroidering the embroidery, after pressing the embroidered function key, all the cloth clips should be loosened before moving the embroidery frame, otherwise the fabric will be easily torn. After changing the frame, first clip the front fabric, press the jog key, and let the needle and pin leave the fabric, then clip the cloth clip behind, so that the cloth is flat.
4. When the pin is at a high position, it cannot be jogged, otherwise it will be easily stuck.
5. Prepare the trolley before driving. Check if the parking position is at 100°. The red indicator light should be lit at the same time. The hook line trimming indicator should be on. Wear the bottom line, select the pattern to be embroidered, and choose the working method that matches the pattern (such as tape, serration, winding, flat embroidery) and appropriate embroidery parameters.