Computer embroidery flower color method (2)

Update:17 May 2019

Color and clothing design People's reflection on color […]

Color and clothing design
People's reflection on color is strong, but it is not the same as the infection of color. Dongguan Computer Embroidery Factory, therefore, in the design of clothing, the selection and matching of color should fully consider the relevant factors such as spring and autumn, character, cultivation, hobbies and temperament, and also consider different social, political, economic and cultural factors. Under the influence of art, customs and traditional living habits, people reflect different emotions of color. For example, the dynasties of China’s dynasties advocated yellow, thinking that yellow is a symbol of heaven and earth, and that yellow gives a majestic and sacred association. In the country where Christianity is believed, yellow is considered to be the color of the traitor Judas costume, a symbol of despicable shame. Therefore, the color design of the garment should be a targeted positioning design.

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