Common terms for computer embroidery machines

Update:09 Mar 2019

Single/bidirectional: It means that the embroidery mach […]

Single/bidirectional: It means that the embroidery machine frame can be bi-directionally embroidered.
Flat embroidery: also known as "fine embroidery", embroidery is commonly used in embroidery. It is a kind of embroidery on the flat bottom material by using the needle, the needle, the trocar, the needle and the needle and the needle. The embroidered surface is meticulous and delicate, and it has a rich texture.
Needle width: refers to the length between the needles of the embroidery machine needle twice, in millimeters. At high speeds, the smaller the needle width, the more stable the performance of the embroidery machine.
Embroidery area: It refers to the multiplication of the maximum embroidering length in the X direction and the Y direction. The embroidery machine embroidering area is also a relatively important indicator of its technical parameters.
Rotating speed: refers to the number of embroidering machines per minute. However, it is not the higher the speed, the better, but to maintain the high quality of the embroidery while maintaining the quality of the embroidery. In fact, the damage of the high speed to the embroidery machine is relatively large. Generally maintained at 750-900mm for optimum working speed
Sequin embroidery: also known as sequin embroidery, sequin embroidery is composed of a number of sequins and stitches. The sequins are made of materials with soft texture, smooth surface and high smoothness. With different colors, sizes and shapes, the embroidery has unique effects. Usually the process of sequining is: the sequin device (dispenser) places a sequin on the fabric in a specified direction, and the needle is inserted into the fabric at the center of the sequin to fix the position of the sequin, and then the center of the sequin is taken back and forth along the outer edge of the sequin Put a few stitches on it to wrap the sequins so that they fit snugly against the fabric.
Towel Embroidery: One of the embroidery methods of the machine. When embroidering, the bottom line will be relaxed, and the upper thread will be tightened, so that the bottom line will be turned over. The method of transporting needles is straight-line travel, and it is necessary to make the towel-like effect of the curling pattern so that the pattern is thick and thick. For example, when the needle is moved, the straight line is changed to a continuous small circle, and a series of small chrysanthemum shapes can be produced on the embroidery surface. This needle method is called "turning the bottom chrysanthemum needle". It is used to embroider the pattern core and the effect is very good.