Clothing machinery computer embroidery machine features

Update:30 Sep 2018

First, excellent operability. The use of processing sof […]

First, excellent operability. The use of processing software makes embroidery work easy and easy to master. The use of display devices to a certain extent has enhanced the visualization of operations.

Second, has a strong editing and storage capabilities. Compared with the traditional embroidery machine, the computerized embroidery machine has the ability to remember nearly 100 kinds of patterns, and the number of memory needles reaches several hundred thousand needles to meet the needs of different customers.

Third, a sound control system. The new computerized embroidery machine adopts advanced automatic control technology. The application of this advanced technology enables the embroidery machine to have excellent speed control performance, and its spindle can obtain stepless conversion of the rotational speed.

Fourth. In the embroidery process, the computerized embroidery machine can realize automatic thread trimming, automatic digging embroidery, automatic detection of disconnection, power failure protection, command jump, automatic stop of error, stitch compensation, cycle embroidery, pattern output and other functions.