About the features of the high-speed flat embroidery machine

Update:31 Aug 2018

1. With automatic color change, automatic thread trimmi […]

1. With automatic color change, automatic thread trimming, automatic wire break detection, retraction and embroidery, software and hardware double limit function.
2. The large casing and the elongated needle bar frame and the independent presser foot cam drive structure make the embroidery speed reach 1200 rpm.
3. LCD color LCD display, can support Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and other multi-language conversion.
4. with pattern rotation, zoom, delete, copy, repeated embroidery, batch embroidery, pattern editing function.
5. A variety of options: can be installed with carved holes, gold, simple tape, simple towels and other devices, can embroider colorful embroidery effect.
6. X and Y are driven by high-precision servo motor to improve the driving force distance and effectively reduce the vibration and noise generated during machine operation, which greatly improves the control performance.
7. Adopting the newly developed concentrated hook line and static trimming structure to make the hook line more stable, the thread cutting action is more smooth, improve the service life of the hook and the scissors, ensure the stability of the trimming, and reduce the noise during the trimming.